How It Works

Order Your Meals

Get Your Delivery

We deliver meals twice per week, Tuesday & Friday. If you order your meals on Tuesday, your meals will be delivered on that upcoming Fridays. Our delivery drivers will leave your meals in an insulated bag at your doorstep. We recommend taking them in as soon as possible and getting them into the refrigerator. 

Heat Your Food Up







Make & Order Your Meals

Instead of being like everyone else in our industry, we created a solution where you, the client, can choose what they want in their meals. Our easy-to-use ordering system allows you to choose whatever meals sound best to you, and you can subscribe as well, so they get delivered on auto-pilot!

Meal Delivery Service NJ

Heat, Eat, & Enjoy

Our meals come completely ready to eat! All you need to do is remove the lid and head it up in the microwave it for 90 seconds (or more). If you prefer a more conventional cooking style, feel free to remove the food from the container, place it on an oven safe dish, and heat it for 12-15 minutes. Time to eat!