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Envision a world where you didn't have to drive to the supermarket, search for what you need, check-out, load the trunk, drive home, un-bag the groceries, cook dinner, & clean up. It would be amazing, right? Well, say hello to PLATED. PLATED is a chef-inspired meal prep delivery service based out of Northern NJ.


​From our kitchen to your doorstep, your next meal awaits you. Prepared and cooked with clean ingredients, PLATED is the perfect solution for one who enjoys fresh cooking, delicious meals, and that doesn't have time to cook every meal.


​We have meals that fit so many lifestyles.


Are you a vegan and can't come up with new things to eat? No problem - we have vegan options. 


​Are you trying to limit your carb intake? Yes - we have low carb options. 


​Just looking to eliminate time at the supermarket? Great - we have perfectly balanced, delicious options.

NJ Meal Delivery

It's What's On The Inside That Matters

Safe Food Handling

Delicious Real Food

Award Winning Chefs

High Quality Ingredients

First Class Customer Service

Culinary Driven. Detail Oriented.

To ensure our standard of quality, each meal is carefully crafted.

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We do the work for you.

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Something for everybody.

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Questions About Our Meal Prep Delivery Service

How do I eat PLATED meals?

Oh, it's super easy! Our meals arive completely cooked and ready to eat. When you’re ready to eat, take off the plastic lid, & simply put your meals in the microwave for 2 – 3 mins, and eat! If you prefer the more traditional cooking method, you’re welcome to remove the food from the container and heat the food in a conventional oven using an oven safe dish, for 10-15 mins before eating and then plating.

Where is the food made and how is it prepared?

All of our food is made in the U.S. In East Hanover, NJ to be exact. We have a purpose-built, 5,500 sq ft. kitchen facility with an amazing team of chefs who cook everything from scratch, just for you!

Where do you deliver?

Right now, we only deliver in the state of NJ. However, we'll soon be able to ship to all 50 states!

How long will the meals last?

Each meal that we prepare will have a particular date in which we advise you eat it by! Be sure to check the date as soon as you receieve your meals, so you can enjoy each meal at its freshest!

What if I don't eat all of my meals right away?

PLATED meals are 100% freezable, meaning that you can pop them in the freezer for up to six weeks and eat them whenever you want!

When do the meals arrive?

We work off of our two delivery days; Tuesday and Friday. At some point throughout each day, your meals will be delivered directly to your doorstep. For example, if you order meals on Wednesday by 11:59 PM, your meals will be delivered on Friday.

I've been vegan for the longest time, am I in good hands?

Absolutely! We ensure that when you order vegan meals, that they are prepared, handled, and cooked 100% vegan. Vegans are taken care very well with us!