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We are proud that you have chosen to become a member of our growing NKU family! In order to assist you with your transition to NKU, all new incoming students are required to participate in an orientation experience. However, the orientation experience you participate in depends on how many hours you are transferring to NKU. Our programs are designed to assist you with understanding our university culture, your academic program, the transfer credit articulation process, and will familiarize you with navigating our campus. Below you'll find more detailed information on the orientation requirements.  

Military & Veterans have the option to attend a military and veteran-specific track that is embedded in each of the three programs listed below. The military and veteran track includes such information as on-campus veteran resources, information about your military and veteran benefits, how they apply to your account, and more.  


Online Student Orientation

All students accepted into an online program will need to complete an online orientation. You will need your NKU user ID (from your letter of acceptance) and password to set up an account at orientation.nku.edu. For questions about the online student orientation, please email orientation@nku.edu.


A. ARE YOU TRANSFERRING in 24 Cr Hrs or Less?  

     1. If so, and you are UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE -Must complete the Orientation Program during the summer.


While participating in an orientation program is mandatory for all new students, transfer students entering with 25+ credit hours (not including hours earned while enrolled in high school) can choose to opt out of an in-person program and utilize the online orientation at orientation.nku.edu to satisfy the orientation requirement.

*Advising and course registration is NOT included as part of the orientation program for post-traditional or veteran students. You are eligible to be advised and register as soon you have been accepted to the university, and confirm your enrollment. Once you have paid the $75 Enrollment Confirmation Fee, you may contact your advisor and make an appointment. We encourage you to do so as soon as possible!

Click  to find the contact for your academic department. 


Step 2: Register for Orientation

After paying your $75 Enrollment Confirmation Fee, you will receive an email (to the email address you listed on your application to the university) with a personal invitation to register for Orientation.

Step 3: Pay Your Orientation Fee

Students participating in Orientation are required to pay the $100 fee, along with the $25 for each guest that they want to bring. You can pay your Orientation Fee by logging into your MyNKU account, select "Student Self Service," and then select "Orientation Payment."